NEW ON SITE SEATING & LIVE UPDATES text or call 708 717 7773

For a guaranteed seat at 12:30pm
Call or text Josie with your first
Name last initial and blinds
Preferred 815 980 5502
After 12:30pm use our new on

site info and call-in seating
Number 708 717 7773 

$1-2 NLH $50 to $300 buy in
$3-6 limit Hold’em $50 min buy in 
$2-5 $200 to 2,000 buy in 

$2-5-10 NLH offering one
$15 ante PLO Bomb Pot per
Hold’em orbit 300 to 3k buy in  

$5 ante PLO Baby Bomb Pot only
$100 to $300 buy in 
$15 ante PLO Bomb Pot only
300 to 3K buy in 

Daily NLH $60 buy in offered everyday 
at 12:45pm late entry 2 hours 2:45
1:30pm daily $180 buy in Turbo 6 Max
late entry 2 hours

5:30pm Monday thru Thursday  $150
buy in tournament with 20k in chips & 17 min
blinds starting  at 100 – 200  NO Ante 

$125 per entry goes into the main
prize pool
paying 10% of entries  

Optional rake free Last Out pools
also offered
$20  $40  $60 and $100
last player standing in each level wins
the money / deal making allowed

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Tournaments
in addition to the $60 early bird at 12:45pm
and the $180 buy in Turbo 6 Max at 1:30pm

at 5:30pm They offer a new twist insta win
$240 buy in
milestone tournament 25k in chips

20 minute blinds with little blind ante starting at
100 100 200
any time a player accumulates 100k in chips
they instantly win $1,000 in cash chips and 
100K in tournament chips are removed from play
Players can win multiple $1000 Milestones 
last player standing at the final table will win
any remaining prize money not equaling $1000 


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