TEXT RESERVATION # 773 688 9955 if you can’t text call 815 914 7529

Text your first name, last initial
blind level preferred and ETA to
773 688 9955 before 12:15pm
to be guaranteed a seat at the blind
level you prefer.
You will receive a text conformation
with your assigned table number
and assigned seat number, if you
are not in your seat by 12:45pm
you will get moved to the waitlist
apron arrival.
Most events offer 12 tables running
in two rooms offering a safe and fun
playing experience.

Seat request after 12:15pm will go
on the blinds of your choice waitlist
with your estimated time of arrival
When you are on the waitlist with a
ETA. you are not guaranteed a seat
when you arrive but you will be on
the list moving up

if you cannot text you can call
815 914 7529 to reserve a seat

NLH $1-2 blinds $50 to 300 buy in 
$1-2 blinds $5 straddle $100 to 500
$2-5 blinds $100 to 1K buy in 
$2-5 blinds $10 straddle $200 to 
table captain max buy in

(match highest stack at the table) 
PLO starts at 5:00pm nightly
$1-2 blinds $5 bring in $100 to $1K  


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