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$200 buy in WSOP Seniors Last Longer Friday June 15 Rio Hotel Las Vegas

Rockford is offering our annual $200 last longer again this year. Were hoping to get 50+ participants this year with a 10K prize pool. NO Rake 100% goes into the prize pool. The player in our group going the deepest in the 2018 Seniors event wins the pot. The winner must min cash to prove his or her position if none of the Last Longer participants  makes day 2 and min cashes all participants will get their $200 buy in back. If two or more players make the money and want to make a deal for the Last Longer pool, that will also work.
Jim Sr will be stationed next to the ATM Machine at the main entrance of the Pavilion between 9:30am and 10:00am registering players for the Last Longer. Tournament starts at 10:00am or whenever Oklahoma Johnny says Shuffle Up and Deal.

We will post a link on our web page listing all the Last Longer participants with name and city as shown on their event registration card. 
The $200 Last Longer entry includes the one rebuy allotted if needed. 
We ask that all participants help us keep everyone informed as to players still in. Please text Jim Sr. with your name and phone number  if you get knocked out 815 914 7529 

If you need more information call or text Jim Sr 815 914 7529 

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