Charity Poker helps charities raise money taxing the willing

501 c licensed charities can host
up to four charity poker fundraisers in a license 
year. The Charities apply for a license from the 
Illinois Department of Revenue, Bingo and Charitable
games ($400) license fee and they also pay a 5% tax
on the net income they earn from the poker games.

The good news is that the hosting charities are 
not on the hook for paying any big winners as in poker
the players are playing against each other and not
the hosting charity. The hosting charity simply
receives 10% of the poker pots up to a $5 dollar 
maximum from each pot. in a $30 dollar pot the 
charity would receive $3 in a $70 pot the charity 
would receive the $5 maximum 

In  the course of an average  12 hour event the
hosting charity should walk away with a net 
$2500 for their efforts after all operating expenses.
As the header says it is a tax on the willing poker players
that want a clean covid free place to play their
favorite pastime Texas Hold’em Poker.

For more info on hosting charity poker events 
call  Jim AT  815 914 7529 

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