Next $180 buy in Pot of Silver 5 table tournament Saturday Jan. 26 Franklin Park IL 60131

Jimmy and KP down to 2 Pot of Gold

Next $180 buy in Pot of Silver NLH Tournament  Saturday Jan 26 @ American Legion Hall 9757 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park IL 60131/ NEW 2:00pm start with late entry through the first break approximately 4:15pm. Players start with 21K in chips, players seated before level 3 will receive a 1,000 bonus chip. For a grand total of 22,000 in starting chips. Blinds start at 25 & 50 and go up in 20 minute levels through first break (level 6 approximately 4:15pm) Big Blind ante and 25 minute levels kick in after the first break. The table ante will always be the size of the big blind.  $145 per player goes into the prize pool. Pays 5 places 40% 25% 15% 12% and 8% , Optional last longer pools also offered for players wishing to play higher. $20 $40 $60 $100  and $200, last player standing in each category wins the pot. deal making allowed. :


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