$335 buy in SUPER BOUNTY Sat April 14 American Legion Hall Franklin Park IL 60131

$335 Buy in Super Bounty at 3:00pm Saturday April 14 at American Legion Hall 9757 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park IL 60131. Players get 28k in chips and can take the $5 table add on for 2k  in added starting chips . Blinds start 25 -50 and go up in 20 minute levels. Antes Kick in at level 7 with the big blind paying the ante for the table. $100 per player goes into the bounty pool and $200 per player goes into the prize pool. Win $50 in cash immediately for each player you knock out plus all their bounty chips. At the final table of 11 players the game will be paused and all bounty chips will be redeemed  for an additional $50 per chip plus $100 for each players personal bounty chip.  Tournament Pays 15% of the starting players with the winner receiving 40% Late entry and re-entry until 5:15pm. Expecting 60 or more players with a $12K or more expected prize pool and a $6K or more bounty pool. When they get down to 14 players they will go hand for hand until they get down to the final table of 11 players. 
Optional last longer pools offered to players wishing to play higher.  $20, $40, $60, $100 and $200. Player lasting the longest in each category wins that prize pool.  


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