Nightly $120+5 buy in multi table Tournament at 8:00pm nightly late entry 9:30pm

$120+ 5 buy in NLH tournament nightly at 8:00pm. $100 per entry in goes into the cash prize pool. Players start with 8,000 in chips and can take the optional $5 table bonus for an added 2,000 in chips. Free 500 bonus chip to players seated before  level 2, Blinds start at 25 & 50 and will  go up in 20 minute levels. Re-entry through 1st break. (9:30pm) If the tournament is not completed by the end of level 13 approximately 11:50pm they will distribute the prize pool by ICM chip count. Pays 15% of the players with the winner getting 40% of the prize pool. Optional Last longer pools also offered for players wanting to play higher. 


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